La Palma, the green island par excellence, has more than deserved the qualification of beautiful for its lush landscapes, the clarity and cleanliness of its sky and its steep coastline formed by volcanic lavas that reach the sea creating a rocky coastline, with small coves sandwiched between cliffs.

The island declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, due to its many ecological treasures, is a haven of peace to escape. In it we find volcanic cones, refreshing springs, such as the Marcos and Corderos Springs, impressive ravines such as the Barranco del Agua, magical enclaves such as the Bosque de El Canal and Los Tiles or thematic centers such as the Garden of the Birds or the Maroparque.


But the most spectacular is found in the center of the island, in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, where an impressive crater opens, with a perimeter of 9 km and depths of up to 770 meters covered with lush forests. The imposing grandeur of the Caldera can be seen from the beautiful mountains that surround it, sometimes above the clouds, such as the Mirador de la Cumbrecita from where spectacular panoramic views can be seen.

At the edge of the National Park is the highest mountain on the island, the Roque de los Muchachos (2,423 m). This place of breathtaking beauty, welcomes 2,396 m. altitude, in the municipality of Garafía, an important astrophysical observatory with one of the most modern and spectacular telescopic facilities on the planet.

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